Bing Bang: How to Make a Charm Necklace from the Designer

Bing Bang: How to Make a Charm Necklace from the Designer
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Charm necklaces have always been a playful way to make a personal statement. But today the most adventurous versions combine the high with the low, the unexpected with the traditional and the vintage with the new, allowing the wearer to fashion a trend thats all her own. Whats more, while yesteryears charms frequently dangled around a bracelet, now ornaments look freshest when grouped on a necklace.

Perfectly exemplifying this fashion trend, says Milena Damjanov, a regular contributor to The Inside Source, eBays digital style magazine, is the work of Anna Sheffield, the jewelry designer behind the label Bing Bang. One of her necklaces might feature a bronze feather, a tassel, and an antique-looking key. Another will have a silver number of the wearers choice mixed with an elegant bronze spike. For her, theres beauty in the mix.

Sheffield says that Bing Bang has featured charms since its inception in 2002its in the DNA so to speak. She remembers what first got her hooked: I was just in love with the idea of something that looked vintage or even ‘found’ but had some kind of sentiment to it.

Love has always been a popular theme for charm jewelry, Sheffield says, as has luck. For that reason, hearts and horseshoes are a common charm necklace motif. To put her own spin on things, Sheffield will add more unusual symbols, such as owls, bats and the evil eyeone of her favorites.

The designer says creating a vignette, or little story, is where the design process gets really interesting. One of Sheffields newest necklaces, called Dream Come True, includes, among other things, a big silver heart featuring a relief of holding hands, a unicorn inlaid with turquoise and a small diary key. Says Sheffield, The piece is kind of sweet and also a little 80s sentimentalbut in a good way.

To create your version of the modern charm necklace, think outside the box. Dont be afraid to combine seemingly unrelated styles and materials like gold with mixed metals. Add traditional charms such as a heart, if youre feeling romantic, or a talisman, if youre superstitious. Then mix it up with something unusual that makes the piece utterly you. Get started by browsing our selection from over 600,000 new and vintage styles currently on eBay.

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Meredith Barnett is the Editorial Director for The Inside Source, a digital style magazine presented by eBay. The Inside Source writer Milena Damjanov authored this article in its original form. Click here to read it in full. (Images courtesy of Anna Sheffield/Bing Bang.)

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