A New Breakup App Will Dump Someone So You Don’t Have To

Screen shot 2015-06-23 at 9.40.43 AM

Apps like Tinder have made finding love easier, but now even dumping someone can be done through technology.

A new app called—wait for it—Binder (rhymes with Tinder, refers to tossing someone in the bin) let’s you skip the whole uncomfortable break-up conversation by doing the dirty work for you.

Here’s how: Simply choose the sex of the person you want dumped, add their name and phone number, choose from a list of automated reasons for ending the relationship  (“our relationship is as patchy as your beard”—ouch!), swipe right and the app will send a blunt (Scottish-accented) voicemail and a text message to your ex-paramour.

According to Mashable, the app seems to have been created by Scottish beer company Tennent’s, which is promoting Binder on its social channels. That might seem random, but the company poked fun at tech products in the past, including the Apple Watch, so it’s likely this particular app is as much a gimmick as it is a necessity for passive-aggressive types.

Binder is available now on iOS and Android.