Billionaire Watch: Meet Chris Cline, Elin Nordegren’s Billionaire Coal Magnate Boyfriend

Spencer Cain

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There are 1,426 billionaires in the world. Sure, you know the big names from the list like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg, but what about the other 1,423? With that in mind we bring you Billionaire Watch, highlighting the undercover billionaires, their gulfstreams, and oftentimes celebrity love interests.
The name Elin Nordegren has been relatively missing from the press as of late—until now. In case you need a refresher, Nordegren is the stunning Swedish ex-wife of Tiger Woods, who he famously cheated on countless times with a slew of mistresses. Luckily for her, she nabbed a cool $100 million in the divorce settlement—which she used to buy a $12 million oceanfront mansion in Florida and then promptly demolished it in order to build a house from scratch. Lately, all she’s been doing is renovating the estate—and dating. Her new man is Chris Cline, a Florida based billionaire who we were unaware of until we heard that they were dating. Luckily for her, he lives in the same gated community as she does. A win-win, if you ask us!
Name: Chris Cline
Age: 53 (Nordegren by the way is 33)
Worth: According to Forbes, he’s worth around $1.2 billion and the magazine ranks him as the 377th richest person in the United States.
Business: Cline is the owner of Foresight Energy, a coal producer. The company has thrived in recent years, especially since Cline is pushing the initiative to utilize coal for cheap power. He owns many of the most valuable coal reserves in the country including Exxonmobil’s Monterey No. 1 mine. And Cline’s bank account is one to watch. His company recently filed for an IPO, which could take place this year.
Background: He was born in West Virgina, into a coal mining family. His family bestowed him a share in the mine, worth $500,000, when he turned 21. He studied psychology at Marshall University in West Virginia, but dropped out before receiving his degree.
Family: He has been married twice and has two sons and daughters. He has been divorced from his second wife since 2000, and has since relocated to Florida.
Homes: Naturally, he has fabulous real estate that’s on par with Nordegren’s, like a 33,413-square-foot mansion in North Palm Beach located extremely close to hers. Additionally, he still maintains a massive estate in West Virginia, and is said to have a lake as well as a go-kart track.
Toys: Since he lives on the water, he obviously has a 164 foot yacht. It’s name is Mine Games, a play on the business that made him a billionaire. It features five staterooms, and also has its own submarine. He commutes to his mines in a Gulfstream G550 jet and he also boasts an AgustaWestland helicopter in his collection. He told Bloomberg that he sometimes has his children fly commercial rather than use his G550, so that they stay grounded. Must be tough.
Philanthropy: He’s a generous fellow, and recently gave a $5 million endownment to West Virginia’s School of Medicine and its athletics department . He also donated $5 million to Marshall University to advance their sports medicine research department. Cline, a Republican, is also a political fundraiser, and held a party in September for then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney to help raise funds.
Photo via Forbes

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