Everything You Need to Know About Elle Macpherson’s New Billionaire Husband

Spencer Cain

sofferfamily2 Everything You Need to Know About Elle Macphersons New Billionaire Husband
Model and TV host Elle Macpherson has just married on-and-off again boyfriend Jeffrey Soffer. It takes quite a guy to land such an iconic beauty, so we got to the bottom of who Soffer is and dug up some dirt along the way. Read on for more!
Name: Jeffrey Soffer
Age: 43. Elle Macpherson is 49.
Worth: His worth is estimated around $1 billion, and Macpherson weighs in at a not-too-shabby $45 million.
Business: Soffer is the Principal of the Turnberry Group, which is one of the country’s leading real estate development and property management firms. The total portfolio he runs is worth $7 billion. He is responsible for the famed Fontainebleau Resorts in Miami. He’s also launched various residential projects like Turnberry Tower Arlington and The Residences at Atlantis, Paradise Island. Naturally, he also heads up the shopping division of the company, something we’re sure Macpherson enjoys.
Celebrity Dating History: Soffer has quite a reputation for being a ladies’ man. He was linked to Gwyneth Paltrow during her marriage to Chris Martin, but she denied that they were ever more than friends. He also is said to have dated actress Kate Hudson before Macpherson. Obviously, the man has a taste for high profile women.
Yacht: Soffer owns a 257 foot yacht known as Mad Summer, which cost him $170 million. The state of the art boat can be chartered for $1 million a week (not including expenses). It has a helicopter pad, six ensuite cabins, a jacuzzi, a spa, a movie theater, and a swimming pool. Not too shabby. He also has two other yachts.
Controversy: Soffer was accused of siphoning millions from Turnberry for his lavish lifestyle. For his 40th birthday, he enlisted Prince to perform and splashed millions on the big event. It’s said that it cost over $2 million. He was spending this as the Fontainebleau was bankrupt.
Residences: Soffer owns multiple homes in Florida where he is based, as well as Aspen. His home in Miami is one of the largest in the area, totaling 23,792-square-feet. His home in Aspen is valued at $36.5 million. In his driveway, he keeps a fleet of Ferrari race cars.
Tragedy: Soffer was involved in a tragic helicopter crash over Thanksgiving weekend in 2012 that took the life of a fellow wealthy New York businessman. Although him and Macpherson were not involved at the time, they reunited soon after in the wake of the tragic event.
Photo via Forbes