Billie Eilish Shared Her Worst Date Story & It Is Epic

Billie Eilish.
Photo: NEIL HALL/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock.

We’ve all been there. You’re at dinner with a guy or a girl and it’s just not going the way you hoped. Bad dates are like a right of passage. And Billie Eilish was certainly welcomed into the club. Billie Eilish’s worst first date video from the Howard Stern Show ranks as one of the worst we’ve ever heard. The “Bad Guy” singer spilled all the details on the horrible date she had when she was 13 years old. It was…wild…to say then least. It was a movie date and it took place on February 13—that’s right—the day before Valentine’s Day. While it started out as a cute little date, things went south fairly quickly.

One fun fact of the date was that this middle-schooler had a butler who stayed with the two on the date “the entire time.” Then things got even worse because the guy she was on her date with acted ~super~ weird after their first kiss. Eek!

“He kissed me and then he said, ‘That was not as magical as I thought it was gonna be,'” Eilish explained before recounting everything else that went wrong. Also LOL. That guy is totally savage. I wonder what kisses he’s spoiling at this very moment. Despite being a bad date, Eilish now has this incredibly hilarious story, which earned quite a few laughs throughout her retelling of the events. Stern definitely enjoyed the journey. Eilish’s brother, Finneas, joined his sister on the show and laughed along with Stern. The “ocean eyes” singer seemed pretty lighthearted about the whole thing. Here’s hoping her future first kisses are a whole lot better than that one! Check out the full story below.