Billie Eilish Wants To Collab With BTS & Her Response To Their Haters Is Perfect 

Billie Eilish
Photo: Shutterstock.

She may be a self-proclaimed “bad guy,” but this lime-haired, 17-year-old emerging popstar knows how to stand up for what’s right. At this weekend’s Austin City Limits Festival, Billie Eilish’s clapback and BTS collab suggestions just go to prove as such. During an interview and Q&A session hosted by NPR Music at ACL on October 5, Eilish asked fans whether she should collaborate with the acclaimed K-Pop group—but their response surprised her.

While some shouted “Yes” at her question, many replied with a resounding “No!” This was shocking and upsetting to Eilish, and presumably for the BTS ARMY at large. As the crowd continued to launch their response, Eilish sat back with her hand held to her mouth, gasping.

“Stop! Oh, my God, that is so mean,” Eilish said. She laughed uncomfortably before continuing. “They’re very nice, they’ve said some very nice things about me.” Some supporters in the crowd cheered on in agreement, with one fan shouting, “Exactly,” as Eilish showed her support for BTS. While she absolutely didn’t have to be so supportive of another pop group, Eilish was certainly a team player in this situation—she understood that there’s no space in the music industry for more haters, so she called it out, even among her own fans, without fail. Major props, girl.

The BTS ARMY took to Twitter to show their support and admiration for Eilish’s response. One Twitter user, Abigail, wrote: “billie’s really sweet for shutting them up and saying that was rude and they’re really so sweet. i knew i could trust her.” This trust is fair, especially since it’s not only the ARMY who are on Eilish’s side.

Billie was likely hinting at a collab because BTS’ Jungkook has noted in past interviews (like this Beats 1 Radio interview) that he’d love to work with her. Two months after saying this on air, he posted a video of himself dancing and lipsyncing to Eilish’s very own “Bad Guy.”

So it’s looking like it’s going to take a lot more than some booing fans to shut down this potential collab. ARMY fans, keep your fingers crossed!