Meet BIKYNI, Your New Favorite Under-$100 Swimwear Label

Bikyni Affordable Swimwear label

When it comes to bikini shopping, for some reason swimwear labels seem to think frills, florals, fancy embellishment, and sky-high prices are the only way to go. But, what about beachwear for the more minimalist-minded (or, um, broke) fashion girls? That’s where Jude Al-Khalil, former COO of fashion powerhouse, Reformation, is stepping in with a new line of under-$100 swimwear called BIKYNI.

The just-launched label operates under a smart and simple concept: Modernize the swimwear experience by offering simple and flattering cuts in popular block colors that you can mix and match, without the inflated price tag. A bikini top and bottom pair costs $95, which is refreshingly affordable when compared to some swimwear brands.

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Consisting of 10 styles–five tops, 4 bottoms, and a one-piece–everything is produced and designed in L.A. with an eye for quality materials, and a focus on support, padding, coverage and adjustability.

Before you click over to shop the new label, take a couple of minutes to read BIKYNI founder, Al-Kahlil’s guide to the swimwear season ahead.

StyleCaster: Why do you think there’s a need for BIKYNI in the swimwear market? 

Jude Al-Khalil: Women dread shopping for swimwear more than any other item of clothing. My vision for BIKYNI was driven by my desire to take the frustration out of swimwear shopping by modernizing the experience to make it easy and comfortable for women to buy a suit. There are so many swimsuit options, but it’s still difficult to find a simple, quality suit at a great price. We offer our own line of quality, swim essentials, but keep our price under $100 for a suit. We’ve made what we believe are the best version of each of the classics with an updated and modern feel. If you are looking for a timeless swim piece, you can come to BIKYNI and find it without having to sift through page after page of overdesigned suits.

What’s your number one piece of advice for women buying swimwear online? 

Be realistic and have an idea of what you’re looking for. Wearing a swimsuit can drum up all sorts of insecurities. When you’re shopping for a suit online, make sure the items you’re eyeing are styles that will make you feel good about yourself.

Bikyni Affordable Swimwear label

What are the three qualities of a flattering swimsuit? 

Well-fitting swimwear needs a great foundation–high quality fabrics lend themselves to better construction and a better fit. Also, a suit that fits well makes all the difference. Finally, lose the clutter. Simple suits with great cuts and high quality materials will always be flattering

What’s your top tip for swimwear care?

Rotate suits if you’re going to be wearing a swimsuit on consecutive days. Most women know to rinse their suit right away and lay it in the shade to dry. What many women don’t realize is that because a suit is made of lycra, it needs to fully dry to bounce back to its original shape. By rotating suits, you allow the fabric to dry completely and revert back to that state, which will help prevent bagging or stretching.

What did you learn working at Reformation that you will apply to your own label? 

Reformation is a brand with a powerful story behind it and it does a great job telling this story, especially digitally. Customers want to connect with brands and this strong storytelling is something I’ll apply to BIKYNI.

Bikyni Affordable Swimwear label

How often will new stock arrive online? 

We are already working on our next delivery and hope to have more to share later this summer! Since swimwear is our core product, we need to keep our styles and colors fresh.  Women need swimwear year-round, but there are often weak options during seasons like the fall so we will be releasing new options regularly.

What swimwear trends do you think will be big this summer? 

The sporty trend will definitely continue. And minimalism is continuing to make its way over from ready to wear. We’ve seen more basic silhouettes that move away from the frills and fringes that were big the past few years. Women are searching for simplicity and versatility in their swim pieces.

Head to BIKYNI’s website to shop the new collection online.