The Bikini Body Diet

The Bikini Body Diet
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Kimberly Snyder is a clinical nutritionist (CN), whose philosophies are rooted in the ability of the body to naturally heal itself, with food and nutrition being the key to ultimate health and beauty inside and out. She is a celebrity nutritionist whose many celebrity clients includeDrew Barrymore andHilary Duff. She is also the author ofThe Beauty Detox Solution, a prescriptive beauty book that reveals how, through the power of food, you can regain a healthy radiant glow, increase energy, banish acne and wrinkles, melt away fat and never count calories again. For more tips, visit Kimberly’sblog and follow her onTwitter.

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Want to get your body ready for bathing suit season? You don't have to turn into a gym fiend--just try giving your meals a makeover!

Stop Counting Calories!

Everyone is obsessed with the "surface numbers"-- grams of calories, carbs, protein, etc.--a food contains. Adding up numbers doesn't work for the long-term, because these numbers don't give us a clue as to how these foods are digesting, or how nourishing and filling the foods really are. I'm going to share with you some tips on how to eat for beauty, which are so easy and simple that you'll see results without any confusing calculations!

Get Energized

One of the basics of my theory centers around "Beauty Energy." We all need as much energy as possible to redistribute around our body and cleanse aging toxins from our bodies that may lodge in our fat cells, making weight loss more difficult. Energy is our best friend in helping us radiate beauty from the inside out, and become slimmer naturally.

Be A Smarter Eater

What most of us don't realize is that the entire process of digestion takes up a large percentage of our energy. So we need to eat in a way that minimizes the amount of energy we use in digestion. This includes paying attention to not only the foods we are eating, but ordering and pairing them properly.


First off, make sure you come to a meal already hydrated. Drinking too much liquid when eating dilutes digestive enzymes and makes digestion slower (read: bloating!). Get into the habit of drinking lots of water between meals, so you're not super-thirsty when you sit down at the table.

Eat Your Greens

Always order a hearty salad to start the meal. Having a raw salad, no matter what you order next, is setting you up in a better position: It has a high content of fiber, plus the water found in greens serves as a natural form of calorie restriction. It helps limit your portion size of the heavier foods to follow, and since it's raw and contains its own enzymes, it starts the meal off on a lighter note of easily digestible foods.

Keep It Simple

After you get through your salad, make your meal as simple and easy to digest as possible. Stick to fewer food groups, since different foods are digested with different secretions and enzymes in our bodies. A good way to make digestion easier is to choose whether you are having a protein meal or a starch meal. You can add vegetables, which do combine and digest well with both starches and proteins.

Indulge...In Moderation

If you have a sweet tooth, carry a piece of dark chocolate in your purse or keep some stashed in your desk drawer. Avoid fruit and fruity desserts, since fruit digests the fastest of all foods. We don't want to cause a traffic jam by eating it after all the other foods, which would back up our system and lead to myriad beauty-squashing issues like bloating, fermentation (rot!), and wasting our Beauty Energy.

Think Outside The Food Pyramid

Even though much of the information we've heard in the past has been about the four food groups, you need to look outside the food pyramid. Remember that the goal is not just to get thin--the goal is to look amazing and younger as we go on. So we want to not just look at caloric content; we are looking at making digestion as easy as possible and freeing up more Beauty Energy!

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