Bijou Phillips Refuses to Attend Her Own Movie Premiere in Fear of Scandal


Remember that whole Mackenzie Phillips scandal back in September? The one where Phillips came out with a book detailing her incestuous relationship with her rocker father and then explained the whole thing on Oprah? Yeah, that one. Well, apparently she’s not the only member of the family affected by incestuous issues.

Mackenzie’s sister, actress Bijou Phillips, is apparently terribly embarrassed by her sister’s memoir, so much so that she refuses to show her face at the December 1 premiere of her upcoming movie, Made For Each Other. But get this–in the new film, Bijou stars with brothers Danny and Chris Masterson and plays the love interest of Chris’ character, which includes plenty of romps in the sheets. The problem is, Bijou is engaged to the other brother, Danny in real life. We can just picture it now…Bijou and Chris, rolling around in bed, ripping each other’s clothes off…oh, and there’s Danny, standing by in the corner…cheering them on? That’s what we call trust, kids. Sounds like this past year has been quite comfortable for Bijou!

The happy couple below!