Here’s The Actual Tea About ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 3—You Should Probably Sit Down

Aramide Tinubu
Big Little Lies
Photo: Jennifer Clasen/HBO.

So we are legit still trying to recover because WTF was that finale?! However, we have to look ahead. Here’s what we know about Big Little Lies Season 3 premiere date, spoilers and cast. Before we jump straight into that, let’s discuss the way that Nicole Kidman’s Celeste absolute eviscerated Meryl Streep’s Mary Louise in the courtroom. Whew–our stomach is still bubbling when we think about it.

Spoilers ahead of you haven’t yet caught up with the Monterey Five.

So in the end, HBO decided that the ladies should turn themselves in–and we get it, Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) was trash–but also like, murder is murder. So anyway, the final shot of BLL Season 2 was all five of the ladies walking into the police department to face their fates. It was evident in the end that they needed to come clean because this secret was literally eating at their souls. However, it also left a lot of questions unanswered.

Will Celeste return to therapy? Will Abigal go to college? What did all of those water-based visions even mean? What will happen now that the ladies are about to reveal the truth?

Most of us need deets about Season 3 because we need to know where all of this is about to go. Unfortunately, we might not get what we are so desperate for.

As of right now, there is no Season 3 of Big Little Lies in the works. Yes, we understand it’s a travesty–but TBH we were lucky to get a second season. HBO’s President of Programming, Casey Bloys, told TV Line that getting all of the ladies back together again would be next to impossible.

“I love this group of people — I would do anything with them,” he explained. The reality is, they are some of the busiest actresses working in Hollywood. I just think it’s not realistic. Season two was a chance for everyone involved to end in a way that feels satisfying.”


Excuse us as we go lie down because this is trash.