This ‘Big Little Lies’ Theory That Claims Corey & Perry Are Brothers Has Us In Shambles

Aramide Tinubu
Big Little Lies
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The series finale for Big Little Lies is legit days away, and we are not ready for how it’s all going to end. Now, a Big Little Lies fan theory that Corey and Perry are brothers is making its rounds on the internet and at this point, we’re about to get back in bed. So basically, we were minding our business–trying not to pass out from heat exhaustion, as we pondered what’s going to go down when we finally return to Monterey on Sunday.  Then some lovely Redditor blessed us with the BLL fan theory of all fan theories.

Here’s the tea.

Essentially, Redditor emmyego is convinced that Corey and Perry are brothers and honestly we are shooketh. To be clear, this goes well beyond the HBO series. They’ve been spending their time reading of ton of Liane Moriarty’s books–the HBO show is based on her novel.

As we all know there have been whispers about Perry’s deceased brother throughout this entire season of BLL. emmyego said,

Having mentioned the ‘deceased’ brother many times (subtly) throughout the season, and it’s clearly playing a role in the season finale, it is very likely that this aspect of Perry’s life will be used as the final plot twist. No one seems to suspect it so far, which is true to Moriarty’s style. When looking at the main changes between season 1 and 2, the introduction of Corey and the prominence of Perry’s past (hence the introduction of Mary-Louise and mention of his brother) seem to stand out the most. It would make sense that these are connected.

Also, emmyego reminded us about an interview that Alexander Skarsgård did that also gives us a major clue about this theory.

Alexander Skarsgård mentioned in an interview that we will receive a further insight into Perry’s childhood and why he turned out to be so violent. This kind of disproves the ‘he killed his brother’ theory because that would mean he had to be violent from the get-go.Instead, it’s highly likely that there was some sort of trauma inflicted upon Perry, and it’s not too far-fetched to believe that Mary-Louise had a motive to fake her other son’s death. There could be a myriad of logical explanations for this (of which we know Celeste starts to ‘question.’)This could also be why Corey is at the police station- finding out what happened to his brother.

perry big little lies This Big Little Lies Theory That Claims Corey & Perry Are Brothers Has Us In Shambles

Image: HBO.


But that’s not all. emmyego wants us to really consider why Corey–of all people is Jane’s new love interest. She and Tom had a very lovely flirtation by the end of Season 1 and then Tom vanished. They explained,

Some were saying that Corey is there merely as a love interest for Jane. While this may be true, Season 1 ended with Jane taking Tom (the coffee shop guy) to the Gala. Why not just keep Tom as the love interest? This further eludes that Corey’s character has more significance than once thought.

Also to keep in mind- the way that the ’Perry was Jane’s rapist’ plot twist was so effective is because Jane and Perry were never introduced to each other in present time, so the audience struggled to put the two and two together. Though Corey and Mary-Louise have been a big part of Jane’s life this season, Corey and Mary-Louise have actually never been in the same scene together…

Jane also has a flashback to her assault when dancing with Corey, which would make sense if they were brothers. Celeste also looks at Corey very strangely at Amabella’s party.

We are honestly not even sure what to do with this information other than to go lay down somewhere. We’re not sure what the BLL team would be trying to accomplish if this true–but we also wouldn’t count this massive plot twist out.