Big Changes Could be Coming to the iPhone Camera

Prepare your #duckface, because big changes could be coming to the Apple iPhone camera that will dramatically increase photo quality. Apple Insider reports that, according to leaked information, the upcoming model will have an optical image zoom for the first time, rather than just the digital image zoom iPhone owners currently use.

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This is good news for Instagrammers everywhere—it’ll seriously up the quality of photos taken using a zoom. Right now, the iPhone–and pretty much every other smartphone–relies solely on digital zoom, which actually doesn’t add any more detail to the photo, but simply enlarges the image you’ve already snapped. The new optical zoom function uses an actual lens to take a much more detailed picture, magnifying what’s captured without scaling back the image quality.

By introducing this new dual-lens system to help magnify images, the iPhone camera would closely match professional SLRs and cameras.

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The apple news site does mention that we shouldn’t expect the next iPhone to be released for another six months or more–remember the iPhone 6 was only launched last September–so you’ll have to patiently make do with your digital zoom for a little while yet.