Beyoncé Basically Wore a Wedding Dress to Watch Her Mom Get Married

Ever since Beyoncé played bridesmaid to her mom Tina Knowles and new stepdad Richard Lawson last week, we’ve been dying to see the dress–and no, not the bride’s dress (sorry Tina), the bridesmaid’s dress.

Now, thanks to some newly released snaps on Twitter, we know just how fierce Bey’s bridesmaid look was for her mom’s nuptials.

The bridal party wore all-white for the Californian wedding, copying the color scheme Solange had at her wedding last year. Bey looked predictably beautiful and actually quite bridal: The reigning queen of pop is shown in the photo wearing a plunging, white lace gown topped with a floral crown. If anyone can pull off looking like a bride at someone else’s wedding, you know it’s ‘Yoncé.

While her big sister went all-out glam in low-cut, curve-hugging dress, Solange played the cool girl in a loose-fitting, draped two-piece look–and what looks like a gold bell dangling from her wrist? Meanwhile, the bride wore a chic, white long-sleeved gown, split at the thigh with a sheer fabric.

Now all that’s left to do is to sit back, wait, and watch as white bridesmaid dresses become spring’s biggest bridal trend.

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