When You’re Beyoncé, This Is How You Wish Your Boo a Happy Anniversary

When You’re Beyoncé, This Is How You Wish Your Boo a Happy Anniversary
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A traditional ninth wedding anniversary gift is pottery. Yes, that’s right: For the average mortal, a gift of a handmade vase or a set of beautifully crafted plates would be appropriate. But Beyoncé and Jay Z are no mere mortals, and they probably already have enough pottery on their hands. So, instead, Bey posted a new song on Instagram today to commemorate their ninth anniversary. NBD.

The new tune, “Die with You” (morbid, but also—aww!), features tearjerking images of the couple in their natural habitat—in front of Dior, in a convertible, on a boat in the middle of some very luxe-looking body of water—behind Bey’s gorgeous voice and a piano. That’s it. What more do you need?

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Bey and Jay are already one of the most iconic love stories of our time, so it’s not a huge surprise that they blew every other ninth wedding anniversary ever out of the water and just dropped a new song (and video) for the big day. Then again, considering how private the pair usually is, this is a rather ostentatious display of their love.

Nine years ago, when they got married, it “was a very emotional wedding—lots of crying—and really very spiritual,” a source told People. Instead of rings, they both tattooed the number 4 in Roman numerals on their ring fingers. Oh, yeah, and that’s in the new video on Instagram. Of course.

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