The Internet Is Roasting This ‘White Beyoncé’ Wax Figure for Looking Nothing Like Her

The Internet Is Roasting This ‘White Beyoncé’ Wax Figure for Looking Nothing Like Her
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Beyoncé wax sculptors, we need to talk. Seven months after a white-skinned Madame Tussauds wax figure of the singer went viral for looking nothing like her, another museum is catching heat for the same and possibly worse mistake. A wax museum in Niagara Falls, Canada is under fire for selling visitors on a wax figure of the 36-year-old with white skin and unrecognizable features.

On Sunday, writer Ama Scriver tweeted a picture of what was supposed to be a wax figure of the “Formation” singer. The sculpture featured a woman with white skin, stick-straight blonde hair, arched eyebrows, and thin, pursed lips. “According to the curators of the wax museum in Niagara Falls, this is Beyoncé,” Scriver tweeted.

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Immediately, the figure was roasted by members of the BeyHive who called out the museum for white-washing Beyoncé’s skin and carelessly creating a sculpture that bears little to no similarity. One user compared the sculpture to white actress Kaitlin Olson of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” while another thought the museum was tying to turn Bey into a “white housewife.”

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Unfortunately, this Niagara Falls wax figure of Beyoncé isn’t the first to go viral for whitening her skin and looking more like other celebrities than Queen Bey. Along with Madame Tussauds’s from July, there have been a handful of cringe-worthy Beyoncé wax figures that make us think that wax museum have never seen a picture of the singer. Come on, wax museums. Do better.