Beyoncé’s Epic 7/11 Video Will Make You Want to Wile Out in a Hotel

Dude, Beyoncé is so cool. That’s really all we can say after watching her new video for “7/11,” a song that leaked online earlier this week. 

In the epic video, ‘Yonce parties hard in a hotel—reportedly the Beverly Wilshire—dancing, wearing leopard undies, spinning on a room service tin, twerking, and using her foot as a phone. Why? No idea, but she sure makes it look like an awesome thing to do.

Bey also goes HAM on the hotel balcony rocking the $48 Sub_Urban Riot Kale sweatshirt she’s sometimes photographed wearing.

Okay, enough talk. Watch the “7/11” video below, and let us know if you’re as depressed as we are that you’re not heading to that hotel tonight.