Beyonce *Reportedly* Gave Away the Presents Kim Kardashian Gifted Her Twins

Beyonce *Reportedly* Gave Away the Presents Kim Kardashian Gifted Her Twins

Don’t expect Beyonce‘s twins and Kim Kardashian‘s children to be BFFs anytime soon. The 35-year-old singer, who reportedly welcomed a twin boy and girl on June 12, just *allegedly* shaded the hell out of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star—and we’re absolutely living for it.

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According to sources for Heat magazine, the 36-year-old reality star wanted to congratulate her Grammy-winning friend (meh, more like acquaintance) on her new bundles of joy. What’d she do? Well, like the savvy businesswoman she is, Kim sent Beyonce one of her KKW Beauty contour kits in a gold box worth $150,000. (If you have famous friends, you might as well ask them to #spon your stuff.) Along with the contour kit, Kim also gave Beyonce $10,000 worth of clothes for Blue Ivy and the twins from her sold-out children’s fashion line, The Kids Supply, with husband, Kanye West.

“Kim sent one of her KKW contouring kits, in a gold box, worth $150,000,” a source told Heat. “She thought that, because they weren’t even out yet, Bey would love it. She also sent about $10k worth of clothes for Blue from her and Kanye’s sold-out children’s fashion line and she’d had some pieces specially tailored for the infants.”

kim kardashian beyonce 2015 Beyonce *Reportedly* Gave Away the Presents Kim Kardashian Gifted Her Twins

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While we’re sure Bey appreciated Kim’s gesture, she clearly didn’t have the need for it (need us remind you she’s a billionaire?), which is probably why she allegedly ended up giving away all of Kim’s goodies to the hospital staff.

“Bey gave them to the nurses in the hospital for their kids,” the source said.

While you could see this as “shade,” you could also see it as Bey making sure every nurse was well-contoured and their kids were dressed in the finest Yeezys. What a good deed.