Could This Be the Leaked Title & Track List of Beyoncé’s Next Album?

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for City of Hope.

It’s been more than two years since Lemonade came out, so understandably the BeyHive is hungry for more Beyoncé—and as good as Everything Is Love is, they want a solo album. But when will B7 come? Well, according to a leak online, that answer is very, very soon.

The leak came on Sunday when Spotify posted a 14-song Beyoncé album, titled B7. Though the title is likely a place-holder, the songs on the list were enough to excite fans. Per Essence, some of the track list included features with artists like SZA, Normani, Rihanna and Wizkid. It even included features with Bey’s three kids, Blue Ivy and twins Sir and Rumi, whom she shares with her husband, Jay-Z.

After some digging, fans discovered that the album will possibly be called Rose IV You. An Instagram has already been created for the album, with cryptic pictures and videos of roses, as well as a potential album cover. The bio for the Instagram, which only follows five people (including Bey), suggests that the album will come out in 2019. It also includes a link to the website,, which takes users directly to the official Beyoncé site.

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But was the leak real? One BeyHive member is calling BS after noticing that the album cover is actually a still from Bey’s 2013 “Partition” music video—not an original photoshoot. “Here is the exact #ROSEIVYOU and Partition side-by-side. It’s fake. Everybody calm down. Hopefully #B7 soon come, but this ain’t it, the BeyHive member tweeted.

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Sigh. Sorry, BeyHive. looks like Rose IV You is a hoax. But we’ll be on it if and when Bey is releasing a new album.