Beyoncé Just Did An Interview For ‘The Lion King’ & The Beyhive Can’t Deal

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TIDAL. Design: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER.

This is truly a gift. Beyoncé just gave an interview discussing The Lion King and the Beyhive is actually imploding. We will never be the same. The “Formation” singer dominates the press—so people want to know about everything she does. But she has almost entirely stopped speaking to the press. Back in 2017, Beyoncé told Oprah that there’s a time and a place for letting the public in on the details of her personal life. Though she’s arguably one of the most famous and influential artists to date, Beyoncé prefers to keep some things private. This latest interview is all over Twitter because fans can hardly believe they’re hearing the Queen speak. She goes into details about her latest project, the live action version of Disney’s The Lion King, and talks about her own family. Of course, the interview was on OWN, because—how can you say no to Oprah?

In the first clip, Beyoncé discusses her red carpet appearance. “One of the only red carpets I do with my family—my daughter gets to dress up, my husband. This year it’s Lion King which, obviously I play Nala. So, it’s the first time I’m doing any appearance as a person that stars in The Lion King which is something I grew up watching. And I’m so excited for my kids to see it. But it means even more to share this experience and this culture of The Lion King with my mother and my family.”

More than anything, Beyoncé loves her family. It’s beyond sweet. And evident in her most recent talk, but also through her actions and posts. The singer attended the annual Wearable Art Gala with her daughter, Blue Ivy over the weekend, and the two ladies used The Lion King as their inspiration. Bey donned a glamorous gown/jumpsuit, featuring a sparkly bodice (lion face included) and a taffeta train. Blue went with a cute dress and headpiece to match her Mama. Blue Ivy appeared in one of her mom’s most recent Instagram photo albums:

Swipe through to see Blue Ivy’s adorable lip-sync to “The Circle of Life.”

She continues in a second clip shared on Twitter saying, “Right now there’s a shift and these incredibly talented, emerging black artists are getting their due. I love so many great African American artists. So I’m just super excited that these young black artists are getting their due.”

She then goes on to discussed how her mom raised her to be proud of her heritage and history. “My mother just praised being black and made sure we were proud, and we were very aware of our roots. We saw how beautiful and profound black women were. And how different we were and how you couldn’t put us in one box. And how it was all black and beautiful!

Check out some of her fan’s best reactions:

The Lion King hits theaters on July 19. Listen to Beyoncé as Nala in the newest trailer: