Beyoncé Wore A Telfar Bag & Fans Simply Cannot Handle It

Bella Gerard
Beyoncé Wore A Telfar Bag & Fans Simply Cannot Handle It
Photo: AP Newsroom; Telfar; Adobe.

I need to know: Has Beyoncé ever looked bad in her life?! It’s a rhetorical question, of course, because the answer is so obviously “hell no, she always looks incredible”. That said, her latest OOTD for a date night out with Jay-Z has to be one of her best off-duty looks of all time, if not the best. Beyonce paired a Telfar bag with a pair of Christopher John Rogers pants, and seeing her support up-and-coming Black designers—and looking damn good while doing so!—honestly means so much.

Celebrities know that their stamp of approval can make or break a brand. What they wear isn’t just about whether or not they like it or how they look in it; being part of a celeb’s wardrobe is social currency for brands trying to make it big, which is why it’s so cool when major faces support smaller designers.

Over the past year or so, Telfar Clemens has absolutely exploded onto the scene, with his Shopping Bag totes becoming must-have accessories after being mentioned in Oprah’s Favorite Things. The bags come in three sizes and retail for under $300, but they aren’t so easy to snag. Rather than be readily available online or in stores, the bags drop by colorway on a regular basis, so fans are always checking the brand’s Instagram to see what color is coming next—right now, they’re marking their calendars for Lavender on July 13.

As popular as the bags have become, they’re about to be even more covetable now that Queen Bey was spotted wearing one. Beyoncé posted to her Instagram feed a carousel of images, in which she totes a White Medium Shopping Bag and looks absolutely incredible. She even paired the piece with some Christopher John Rogers trousers, further celebrating young, talented Black designers. We love to see it!

Bey paired CJR’s bold florals with a crisp white blouse, unbuttoned at the top to show off some cleavage and tied at the bottom to cinch her iconic waistline. The look is one thousand percent going on my summer fashion mood board, not that anyone asked.

After Bey was spotted carrying the bag, fans wondered if Clemens would raise Telfar pricing, but the designer quickly took to Instagram Stories to let fans know that wouldn’t be the case. “PRICE NOT CHANGING” he wrote, adding a slew of bee emojis to represent Bey. The brand’s motto has always been “Not for you—for everyone,” in an attempt to end exclusivity in the fashion world.

TBH, there’s not much to say about this look other than that A) She looked amazing and B) It’s hella exciting. Myself and so many others will now be carrying our Telfar totes with extra-special pride knowing that they’ve got Beyoncé’s seal of approval.

Clemens’ star was already on the rise, with UGG and Converse collabs lined up for 2021, but this extra push is what he needed to take him over the top, so there’s no telling what he’ll do next. Telfar, if you’re reading this, you’d better get on the White Shopping Bag restock! You already know we want the same one as Bey.

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