Beyoncé Sued by Filmmaker over ‘Lemonade’ Trailer

1461462532 beyoncelemonade Beyoncé Sued by Filmmaker over Lemonade Trailer

It’s not easy being Beyoncé. You create a near-surprise album—no, an entire movie tied to an album—and tease it with one measly seconds-long trailer. But then someone comes out of the woodwork with a lawsuit that says your trailer looks and sounds a lot like his short film. And so we’re now forced to watch independent filmmaker Matthew Fulks’s short film “Palinoia” to see if there’s any truth to this.

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They’re both artsy. They’re both gritty. They both feature parking garages and weeds and close-ups of faces, but couldn’t that be said of so many things? To be fair to Fulks, when taken as a whole, there are similarities, and he’s had interactions with Bey’s label Columbia Records. Five months before the “Lemonade” trailer started filming, Fulks says he was being considered to direct a video for MS MR, a Columbia-signed group, and submitted “Palinoia” as an example of his work. At one point, director Bryan Younce, who has created videos for Beyoncé, emailed Fulks to say he had his “info.”

The Hollywood Reporter has the entire complaint, which features side-by-side comparisons of the shots in question, but you can watch both the trailer and the short film below.