5 Totally Appropriate Real-Life Uses For the Beyoncé ‘Soundboardt’

Meghan Blalock

Yesterday, Beyoncé almost broke the Internet for a second time—and she wasn’t even directly involved. The first time the web screeched to a halt was in December, when Bey released her album without announcing it first; and this time, three enterprising graphic designers-slash-Beyoncé fans appropriated the 22 most iconic sounds from the record and laid them all out in one place for us to continually click: The already-viral Soundboardt.”

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And yes, it’s as awesome as everyone says it is. We do have our own personal favorites, and we’ve been fantasizing about the perfect opportunities to use these snippets in real life. Read on for five totally appropriate real-life uses for the Beyoncé Soundboardt, then (without hesitation) be sure to try it out for yourself.

beyonce soundboard

Photo: Soundboardt.com

1. The “Gimme somethin'” button: Perfect for when you show up to a friend’s house for a dinner party. When your hosts open the door, don’t even greet them using actual words; the “Gimme somethin'” button should speak louder than your rumbling stomach ever could.

2. The “Flawless” button: If you’ve ever tried to parallel park a vehicle of any kind, you know the feeling of pure delight when you manage to slide your car in just right next to the curb. Cue “Flawless” button.

3. The “No no no no” button: Anytime your ex reaches out to you. No matter whether it’s over text, Facebook, Instagram, e-mail, or an actual, bona fide (gasp) phone call—don’t respond. Just let Bey’s running no’s do all the talking for you.

4. The “I woke up like this” button: Next time you go to the DMV for any reason, make sure you have this button on the ready. When they’re about to snap your ID photo, just press play.

5. The “God damn” button: Ideal for group outings when there are people in your friend group who, for whatever reason, just don’t get along. Whenever they inevitably start into each other across the martini table, have the “God damn” button primed and poised for the ultimate mic drop moment.

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