Beyoncé and Rihanna Were Spotted Wearing the Exact Same Shoes

Beyoncé and Rihanna Were Spotted Wearing the Exact Same Shoes
Photo: Getty Images

It’s undeniable that Beyoncé and Rihanna are music royalty. The two have repertoires of number-one hits and legions of fans fawning over their every move. So, given their pop queen statuses, it makes sense that Bey and Rih would both reach for Cinderella-esque glass slippers on nights out. What’s a little more mind-boggling is how their taste is so similar that they just so happened to slip on the exact same shoes.

Recently, the 36-year-old “Formation” singer and the 29-year-old “Work” crooner stepped out on separate occasions sporting identical $695 Manolo Blahnik “glass” slippers. The shoes, which feature a beige base and three-inch heels, give off the impression that the wearer’s feet are floating on air with transparent synthetic straps.

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Though both Bey and Rih stunned in their own rights, the two also went for similar color-blocked themes. For Bey’s outfit, the mom of three paired the see-through slippers with a bright-red skirt and handbag and a crisp white t-shirt with yellow sweater sleeves.

Sporting a similar geometric aesthetic. Rihanna wore a cut-out top, exposing her red shirt underneath. She paired her upper-half with a black denim skirt and, of course, the see-through heels, which displayed her ankle tattoo through the transparent straps.

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Of course, we know better than to start World War III by pitting the singers against each other. Instead of asking, “Who wore it better?” we’ll be honest and cop to the fact that both artists slayed better in glass slippers than we—or Cinderalla herself—ever will.