This Video Is Making Fans Think Beyoncé Is Pregnant with Her Fourth Child

Photo: Getty Images

It’s only been a year since Beyoncé broke the internet when she gave birth to not one but two babies with her husband, Jay-Z. But is she already ready for another one? The BeyHive sure think so after the 36-year-old singer was photographed with what fans claim to be a very obvious baby bump.

To prove their theory, many fans are referencing a video from a recent concert on Beyoncé’s On the Run Tour II with Jay-Z. The video shows Beyoncé in a sparkly white outfit with what fans are confident is a small baby bump sticking out of her midsection.

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In addition to Star magazine (a not-so-reliable tabloid, if we’re being honest) reporting that the singer is “over the moon” with her pregnancy, fans are also referencing a tour outfit that they believe is a secret message from Beyoncé herself, proving that she’s pregnant. The outfit, a skin-tight gold dress that Beyoncé pairs with a giant cape, features a heart on her midsection, which many fans believe represents her baby’s heartbeat.Given Bey and Jay-Z’s love for the number four (4:44 is the title of Jay-Z’s last album and their wedding anniversary is on April 4), it makes sense that the couple is expecting their fourth child, as fans have noted. Needless to say, the BeyHive is alive with speculation (and worry that Bey might cancel the rest of her tour to go on maternity leave.)

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As excited as we would be for another Beyoncé pregnancy, it’s important to note that neither she nor Jay-Z have confirmed anything. And until they do, all rumors are speculation. Likewise, as Lili Reinhart, Drew Barrymore, Blac Chyna, and dozens of other celebrities who have fought off pregnancy rumors have proven, bloating is a real thing and assuming that someone is pregnant based on how much their stomach resembles a “baby bump” is dangerous and a form of body-shaming.

We get it. A Beyoncé pregnancy would make 2018. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.