8 Relatable Times Beyoncé Proved That She Was Totally Human

8 Relatable Times Beyoncé Proved That She Was Totally Human
Photo: STYLECASTER/Getty Images

Let’s face it: It’s Beyoncé‘s world and we’re simply living in it. Since her solo artist debut in 2003, Beyoncé has built a rabid fanbase (appropriately dubbed the “Beyhive”) and established a queen-like reputation. But amid the deafening fanfare and internet-breaking pregnancy announcements, it can be easy to forget that Beyoncé was once a regular person like us—minus the goddess-like voice, collection of Grammys, and ability to float across the red carpet.

Though we would never call Beyoncé a mere mortal, in some ways she’s actually not too different from you and I—and we’ve got the receipts to prove it. Ahead, look back at eight relatable times when Beyoncé showed that she was an actual human being. From when she was caught shopping at a department store to the time even she couldn’t fight off allergies, take a look at Queen Bey’s most relatable moments.

When She Shopped at Target

In December 2017, Beyoncé was spotted doing some last-minute holiday shopping at a Target in San Clemente, California. She was joined by her mom, Tina Lawson, and her 6-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, who rode in a plastic red shopping cart as her mom wheeled her around the store. Though Beyoncé didn’t remove her sunglasses, that didn’t stop fans from taking grainy pictures. In one, Beyoncé was even photographed waiting in line to check out like other customers.

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When She Sneezed on Stage

Even Beyoncé gets the sniffles. At a New York concert for her Formation World Tour in June 2016, Bey surprised fans when she paused mid-concert to fight a sneeze. A video of the moment shows the singer pacing back and forth across the stage as she tried to hold in the sneeze. Eventually, she’s seen holding her elbow up to her face to cover her sneeze as fans chant, “We love you,  Beyoncé!” a few feet away.

When Her Hair Got Stuck in a Fan

There are a lot of BeyHive members who dream of touching Beyoncé’s hair, but for one “fan,” that dream came true. At a Montreal concert for her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in July 2013, Beyoncé’s luxurious, honey-blonde hair was caught in a fan when she made her way down some stairs. A video of the moment shows Beyoncé singing “Halo” as a huge stage fan sucks up a chunk of her hair, leaving her trapped for a couple minutes. Fortunately, she pulled through like a champ by untangling herself while belting out the rest of the song.

When She Bled After Her Earring Ripped

Though it’s easy to assume that Beyoncé is immune to injuries, she again demonstrated that she’s a mortal when her ear started bleeding at a Tidal concert in October 2016. In the middle of performing her song “Haunted,” Bey noticed liquid tricking down her ear. Wiping her ear with her finger, she discovered it was blood. In the middle of dancing, it seems the singer’s dangly earring got stuck in her hair, causing her lobe to tear (ouch). Of course, she finished the performance like the injury was no big deal.

When She Admitted She Gets Boogers, Too

If you’ve ever been in the front row at a Beyoncé concert, there’s a chance she may have blown snot on you. On a 2011 television special titled “A Night with Beyoncé,” the singer revealed that she often develops snot “bubbles” from holding in runny noses while performing. “My nose runs a lot and when I’m singing I can’t blow it, so there have been occasions when I’ve ended up with a ‘bubble’ coming out my nose,” she said. We’re sure her fans don’t mind.

When She Did the Electric Slide at a Party

Even Beyoncé’s family parties include silly dance moves. In December 2017, the singer was videotaped with her family, including her mom, Tina Lawson, and her husband, Jay Z, doing the electric slide at a Knowles-Carter family gathering. The video shows the mom of three looking cool as she steps and shimmies while holding a water bottle and hanging onto her purse.

When She Tripped Down the Stairs

Beyoncé might appear to float on air, but even she’s not immune to tripping down stairs. At a concert in Orlando, Florida in 2007, the singer took a serious tumble when she fell down a flight of stairs while performing “Ring the Alarm.” A video of the moment shows Bey falling face-flat on the floor after tripping down about a dozen steps. She recovers like a boss and flips her hair like it’s no big deal.

When She Revealed She Can’t Cook

Beyoncé is no stranger to depending on her mom for food. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the singer revealed that her specialty dish for Thanksgiving is “ice water.”