If These Clues Are Any Indication, a New Beyoncé Album Is Coming Soon

beyonce If These Clues Are Any Indication, a New Beyoncé Album Is Coming Soon

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If we learned anything from the surprise release of Beyoncé’s self-titled album in 2013, it’s that she has no issue secretly working on music and dropping it without warning. Right now, Bey’s most dedicated fans are speculating that she might be ready to do the same thing in 2016—and here’s why.

First, Bey released an unexpected new song, “Formation,” ahead of her Super Bowl halftime performance in February then announced a world tour—her first since the “Mrs. Carter Show” in 2013. That’s the first clue; the second is that her iTunes page shut down for a short time on Wednesday, according to some eagle-eyed members of the beyhive on Twitter.

Add to that the fact her Vevo page shows hidden music videos, and it looks pretty darn suspicious. Apparently there are a whopping 18 of them, all HIDDEN! You can see on the Beyoncé Vevo page that she has 120 videos, although only 102 are actually visible.

Superfans also started reporting news that an album date has been locked down for April—which would make sense, seeing as the “Formation” tour kicks off April 27. Right now, it’s the only thing the beyhive is talking about on Twitter, but reps for the star are yet to confirm the rumors, and knowing Bey’s history, we wouldn’t hold our breath for a release date. Until the music hits the Internet, we’ll just have to wait this one out. And refresh the star’s Instagram and Twitter obsessively, of course.

When April Fools Day is coming up and Beyoncé hasn’t released her album yet pic.twitter.com/XUwEObHSR1