Hold Up—Did Beyoncé Really Just Drop a Hint About Her Next Album?

Hold Up—Did Beyoncé Really Just Drop a Hint About Her Next Album?
Photo: Shutterstock.

When Queen Bey posts a photo, she does it to send her fans a message. It’s why the BeyHive is convinced that the latest flick on the 38-year-old star’s Instagram page was actually Beyoncé’s new album in 2020 clue. In case you missed it: Bey recently took to social media to post some photos of herself after last weekend’s Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 5, 2020, and one picture is making its rounds all over the internet thanks to wild fan theories.

The photo, which you can see in Bey’s post below (just click through to the fifth slide!) features Beyoncé sipping on a martini. Seems innocuous enough, right? Wrong—at least if we’re going by the BeyHive’s standards. While it was momentous enough that Bey and Jay-Z showed up to the Golden Globes in the first place, now fans are realizing it might have all been a ploy to stage this photo as a hint for new music. But how are fans gleaning all that from a glass of martini? One word: Lemonade.

If you’re a loyal member of the BeyHive, you may just remember the last time Beyoncé posted a photo like this: Back in 2016, Beyoncé shared a similar close-up shot of her face in profile, alongside a lemon. It wasn’t long before her masterpiece album, Lemonade, dropped and confirmed all of the rumors that the photo was a clue all along. Now fans are convinced that this is happening all over again. Could this photo be a clue that Beyoncé’s new album will be named…Olive? 

“Beyoncé posted this first picture before dropping LEMONADE so with this second picture is the new Album gonna be named OLIVE?” wrote Twitter user @Malc_white1 in a now-viral tweet. Fans are scheming in the replies, convinced that Bey’s been dropping hints all along: “And Olive is an anagram for I Love,” writes another user, “And if you look “Love Drought” is the 7th song on the Lemonade. And a martini is dry. Dry=drought. Here’s she about to drink, end that drought. And start a new chapter. 7th album confirmed.” Cue the BeyHive’s latest swarm.

Some, however, aren’t convinced that this photo is a clue for an all-out album. One Twitter user suggests that it could be a hint that Beyoncé is involved in the new James Bond film, No Time to Die, coming out in April 2020. After all,  martinis are Bond’s “signature drink.”

“It’s a martini, she’s about to do the Bond soundtrack,” wrote one Twitter user, with another adding, “Beyoncé has been hinting at James Bond since her 2018 Coachella set when she sampled the theme tune during Don’t Hurt Yourself.”

If this is true, it makes sense why the artists for the new 007 soundtrack have yet to be revealed. But where we’re getting an original song or a new album altogether, we’ll definitely take what we can get.