Beyoncé and Mariah Carey Are Rumored to Be Collaborating on ‘Something Special’

The latest entry in the post-and-ghost routine: Music video director and choreographer Diane Martel aired a photo of Beyoncé and Mariah Carey on her Instagram with the caption, “Working with these two on something special … can’t wait to show u all!” Or so tweets fan page Beyoncé Legion. The legion doesn’t specify when the IG went live, and a link to it results in an error message — and Martel’s account is private — so it’s hard to say whether this is real or fantasy. But what a sweet, sweet fantasy it is to imagine the two legends, warbling and twerking side by side.

The tweeted photo is from a benefit in February at which the two stars sat at adjoining tables and got into a bidding war over a portrait of Ray Charles, according to TMZ. “We’re told when Bey and Mariah got a chance to talk, the possibility of a duet was brought up and the two agreed, it needs to happen,” TMZ said. Apparently, they share a biz manager, Jon Schwartz.

In an interview with Access Hollywood in February, Carey fell over herself about the idea. “I would love to work with her anytime, she’s amazing,” she said of the Beyhive ruler. “It’ll happen, when and if it happens, whenever,” the “Dreamlover” singer said of a collab. “And if not, I’ll always admire her and look at her as a friend. … We have a lot of fun, she’s fun. She’s a great girl. I love her so much, I really do.” So. Much. Love. She added that the two have “known each other for a while.”

If you happen to be one of Martel’s 868 followers, you can determine whether this is a true post-and-delete, or if the pic is just impossible for mere mortals to view. One thing is for sure: Bey is so out-of-control on fire right now that a collaboration with the Pope wouldn’t surprise us (that much) at this point. Carey is one of the OG pop divas and Beyoncé is the queen, period — so, why not?

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