Listen To Beyoncé As Nala In The New Trailer of ‘The Lion King’—We’re Not Worthy

Photo: Larry Busacca/PW18 For Entertainment/Getty Images.

When the casting for Disney’s latest live-action remake was announced, the Beyhive had a field day. Now, we have the first look at Beyoncé’s Nala in The Lion King. We’re not crying—you’re crying. Naturally fans are ecstatic. Could 2019 get any better? Disney released a trailer a few weeks ago that already had us misty-eyed. (You just know when that stampede happens in this remake and the adorable baby Simba emits even one whimper, the whole audience is going to LOSE. IT.)

Anyway—back to the matter at hand: Queen Bey debuted a 30-second clip on her YouTube channel on Monday. Her voice is as powerful and beautiful and perfect as ever. Over the stunning shots of the African desert, Beyoncé can be heard saying:

*elephants trumpeting, birds chirping, water flowing, sun shining*
“You have to take your place as King.”
Shots of Scar (grrr), fire, a battle.
“We need you,” Nala/Beyoncé says.
“Come home.”

If we were Simba, we would absolutely “come home” the minute Beyoncé uttered that sentence. She is inspiring and strong, and makes us a million times more excited to see the film. The movie, which arrives in theaters on July 19, “Journeys to the African savanna where a future king must overcome betrayal and tragedy to assume his rightful place on Pride Rock.” It is led by Donald Glover, who voices the protagonist, Simba, and of course, our Queen (Beyoncé Knowles-Carter), who voices Nala. James Earl Jones is also reprising his role as Mufasa, AKA dreams are coming true ten-fold with this remake. Take a look at the latest teaser trailer.

The moment Jones/Mufasa says, “Everything the light touches is yours,” in the original and the remake:

the lion king original mufasa Listen To Beyoncé As Nala In The New Trailer of The Lion King—Were Not Worthy


the lion king mufasa remake Listen To Beyoncé As Nala In The New Trailer of The Lion King—Were Not Worthy


Fully sobbing. It’s fine. Clearly this is an incredibly emotional journey. Fans are already taking to Twitter, responding to the first-look of Bey as Nala.

And Beyoncé is serving us full lioness these days. The singer attended the annual Wearable Art Gala with her daughter, Blue Ivy over the weekend, and the two ladies used The Lion King as their inspiration. Bey donned a glamorous gown/jumpsuit, featuring a sparkly bodice (lion face included) and a taffeta train. Blue went with a cute dress and headpiece to match her Mama. Take a look at the album Beyoncé shared on her Instagram two days ago. The video of Blue lip-syncing to “The Circle of Life” is priceless.

It’s also worth mentioning that Billy Eicher and Seth Rogan are ~slaying~ Timon and Pumba. We get a little sneak peak of them at the end of the trailer Beyoncé shared. The casting is brilliant and we’re excited for a little comedic relief from those two.

the lion king timon pumba Listen To Beyoncé As Nala In The New Trailer of The Lion King—Were Not Worthy


“The backup has arrived!”