Beyhive Theory Alert: Beyonce’s Fans Think the Twins Are Boys

Beyhive Theory Alert: Beyonce’s Fans Think the Twins Are Boys
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Beyoncé’s fans are nothing if not observant. And so, when the Beyhive started theorizing that her twins are boys, we listened—though their proof is either a little shaky or completely over-the-top genius, depending on how you look at it.

The facts: Bey posted a pic of herself fully pregnant on her website wearing a pair of very distinctive earrings. So distinctive, in fact, that her eagle-eyed fans noticed that they are the exact same earrings she wore in her music video “If I Were a Boy.” So—obviously she’s having boys, according to the Beyhive.

beyonce Beyhive Theory Alert: Beyonces Fans Think the Twins Are Boys


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But before you roll your eyes, hear them out. Bey loves hidden messages (like, is she wearing green 24/7 right now because she’s due in May and the birthstone for that month is emerald?!), and she’s no stranger to a little wink-wink, nudge-nudge (remember the time she posted this before she dropped Lemonade?).

Have a look at the music video and puzzle it out for yourself. One thing is for sure: If Bey really does have twin boys, the Beyhive is going to freak out.

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