Envy Alert: What Beyoncé and Jay-Z Do on Their Average Vacation

Meghan Blalock
Envy Alert: What Beyoncé and Jay-Z Do on Their Average Vacation
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It’s not like any of us need a reminder of the lavish lives that average celebrities live. Yacht vacations, free clothing, the best hotel rooms in the world—all these things seem to be considered standard when it comes to being a star these days.

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Some vacations, however, truly go over the top. Beyoncé, for example, recently took to her Tumblr to post a ton of photos of her recent vacation with hubby Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy, and we gotta say: wow. The family jetted off for a massive, multi-week vacation that coincided with Bey’s 32nd birthday, and they just got back to American shores this week.

They spent time in Italy before heading back west to Ibiza and Brazil, all the while partaking in the most beautiful beaches, oceans, and rainforests the world has to offer. They also ate some of the most delicious food, including fresh seafood, Brazilian rice dishes, and (of course) some birthday cake for Mama Bey.

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Click through the gallery to see how Beyoncé and Jay-Z vacation! Warning: this gallery may cause a major case of wanderlust.

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They take selfies on the edge of their yacht, which is obviously called "Galactica Star."

Jay takes Blue Ivy for a short walk around the deck.

The whole family basks in the glow of the sunset from the back of said yacht.

Bey enjoys a beer on the beach.

The family celebrates Beyoncé's 32nd birthday with cake and ice cream balls.

Come here, Blue! Don't you want more cake?

Bey gazes longingly at the ceiling of their Brazilian basketweave hut.

She poses in Gucci in front of the taxis in Italy.

She takes a dive in the expansive ocean.

In a rare moment of solitude, Blue Ivy ponders just how privileged her life really is.

The family dines on fresh mussels. (Or maybe they're clams. Either way, yum.)

If crustaceans aren't your thing, maybe steaming plates of fresh Brazilian rice and meat are.

They leave their mark in the sand.

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