Beyoncé and Jay Z’s 10 Most Adorable Moments From the Grammys

Meghan Blalock

In case you missed it, Beyoncé and Jay Z dominated at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards (although Pharrell’s hat gave them some stiff competition.) The superstars opened the show with a steamy performance of Bey’s current single “Drunk In Love,” which had everyone in the audience (Taylor Swift, we’re lookin’ at you) doing a little chair dance and mouthing the word “surfboard” over and over. But the power couple’s amazingness didn’t stop there.

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Throughout the entire evening, the camera kept panning back to Jay and Bey sitting together in the audience, making eyes at one another, kissing, and just generally causing everyone in the world envy their perfection. Then, when Jay Z got up from his seat to accept the award for Best Rap/Song Duo for his track “Holy Grail,” he put the final nail in the cuteness casket with the line, “I can’t wait to tell Blue, Daddy got a gold sippy-cup for you.” It’s just too much.

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Click through the gallery to see the couple’s 10 most ridiculously adorable moments from last night’s Grammys!

jay goldsippycup Beyoncé and Jay Zs 10 Most Adorable Moments From the Grammys