Beyoncé Used To Talk To Us & It Was Glorious

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIDAL. George Pimentel/WireImage.

For the past 20+ years, the world has had the pleasure of enjoying one of God’s greatest creations: Beyoncé. However, Beyoncé’s interview videos are legendary on their own. She’s given us hit after hit, iconic choreography, wig snatching performances and has shared much of her personal life with us all. While she’s always come across as a little shy outside of her fierce stage persona, she always seemed to share just enough while keeping a level of mystery and privacy to keep us yearning for more. But as her star has risen, she’s taken a more modest approach to revealing intimate details about herself and her life. 

If you are a day one Beyoncé fan, you’ll remember the days of TV and magazine interviews with Beyoncé sharing behind the scenes moments of her life and career. You’ll even recall her pre-Matthew Knowles media training days where she threw as much shade as you and I. But those days are long gone. Now, fans are treated to more curated moments from our fave, with documentary-style projects such as Life is But A Dream and Netflix’s Homecoming – highlighting tours and some moments of her roles as a wife and mother. While those projects are great, I miss the raw and uncut version of Beyoncé of the 90s and early 2000s.

Beyoncé has made the decision to only showcase what she truly owes as an artist – her artistry. 

Before she reigned as Queen and made the decision to only give us scraps of her life through Instagram photos with no coinciding captions, Beyonce ruled the media sphere.

In honor of her 38th birthday and as a treat to all members of the Beyhive, here are classic interview moments from Beysus.

Bey Plays Games

One of the reasons I hate watching celebrity interviews is because most of the time, reporters ask repetitive or general questions. There’s only so much you can get from questions such as: “How did you feel when you were recording this album?” There are restrictions that management may give media outlets before an interview with their client; but even so, many reporters lack creativity. But this interview was different as this British reporter did some homework on Beyoncé’s favorite things, one of which was her favorite game– Connect Four. The two played while chatting and it made for a memorable moment.

Don’t Mention Former Destiny’s Child Members

Destiny’s Child fans were heartbroken to learn that there was a divide between the four original members. After LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberston accused manager Matthew Knowles of favoritism for Beyoncé, who happened to be his daughter, and not being paid adequately for their contributions, they claimed they were then kicked out of the group. Apparently, they found out when a video for the hit “Say My Name” was released — without them in it! Fans weren’t very receptive to the change, and apparently, neither was Beyoncé. In an attempt to control their narrative, DC went on a press tour to introduce the new members of the group – Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams. While Michelle spoke very little in early interviews, Farrah was ready for her time to shine and took the lead during many of their sit-downs. When one reporter asked how she and Michelle were selected as new members, Farrah responded by saying they fit the bill with their looks and talent, specifically being able to sing and dance. Beyoncé clearly disagreed and shot Farrah a side-eye, as if to say, “Bih what?!” 

In the same interview piece, reporters questioned the girls about the former members. When Kelly Rowland revealed she ran into LeTavia at a local mall before she could even finish her sentence Beyoncé interjected and informed the reporter to edit the comment. She also asked for her group members to refrain from speaking on Luckett and Roberston as it was becoming redundant. Too bad the reporter didn’t listen because the clip made the final edit.

Beyoncé Catches Flights, Not Feelings

Oh, Farrah. The girl couldn’t get a break. In this behind the scenes moment, the girls are recording for an upcoming project. While planning for the rest of their tour, they get into a discussion about travel and luggage. I’m not even sure what the issue was, all I can gather from this clip is that Farrah is missing her luggage and is not happy about it. When she says she can’t travel one more day without it, Beyoncé let’s her know that she, and she alone, will miss the flight to their next stop. In other words, she let Farrah know that she could stay and wait for her luggage while the other girls went onto their next gig, without her. *Shrugs*

Beyoncé Gets Scolded 

Apparently, Beyoncé wasn’t the most level headed when her career began to take off in her mid-teens. As expected, she was feeling herself, much to the dismay of her mother, Tina Knowles. In this interview clip, Beyoncé reflects on a time she outright ignored her mother and continued singing as opposed to answering a question she asked. Ms. Tina eventually got Beyoncé’s attention…in the form of a slap and scolding…in public. She knocked the mini Queen off her throne and showed her who was boss! I’m sure Beyoncé never ignored Tina after that!

Too Many Personal Questions

There’s a thin line when asking a celebrity personal questions during an interview, and Beyoncé has never been a fan of talking much about her private life– especially when it comes to her relationship with Jay Z. But in the early years of their relationship, reporters failed to take that hint and there wasn’t an interview where she wasn’t asked 100 questions about him. This time, she had enough and let it be known in her own way. I understand her frustrations, your main objective is to promote your music during an interview, not your marriage!