Um, Beyoncè Just Made Purple Gingham Look Chic! As! Hell!

Maggie Griswold
Um, Beyoncè Just Made Purple Gingham Look Chic! As! Hell!
Photo: Shutterstock.

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We’re well into summer at this point, and while I’ve loved every minute of it, a girl is just about ready for fall. As I continuously brave the 90 degree heat, I’ve started dreaming of cooler days where I can wear all the fall clothes I want. However, Beyoncè’s latest Instagram post has me hoping for summer year-round. As most of us know, gingham is a classic spring and summer pattern. Some people love it, while others would prefer to see it vanish into the sartorial haze. Love it or hate it, though, we all can agree that Beyoncè wearing purple gingham somehow looks chic and stylish as hell. Just when I thought I was ready to give up my summer wardrobe, Queen Bey comes along and changes my mind. Forget fall: I’ll take all the hot girl summer I can get.

On Wednesday night, Beyoncè posted photos on her Instagram wearing a lilac gingham dress with—get this—matching purple sunnies and purse. Whether or not you’re a fan of the monochrome look, you have to admit Bey killed this summery look. I’m not one of those people who dislikes gingham, so I was already drawn to this ensemble, but even if I hated everything about gingham, I’d still love this outfit. Beyoncè can do no wrong, and I know most of the world agrees with me.

Queen Bey is even matching with the flowers, y’all. It’s Beyoncè’s world, and we’re just (happily) living in it. Even the plants know the importance of Bey’s influence. Both the singer and the flowers are poised to explode Instagram—and I can’t get enough.

Oh, to be the bouquet of flowers in Beyoncè’s hand. I truly cannot get over the elaborate nature of this little Instagram photoshoot. I mean, matching with all the flora and fauna while looking like a complete summer goddess? Only Beyoncè could be that iconic.