Beyonce Hearts Thierry


In a move that’s sure to pack the fashion crowd into her audiences, Beyonce has just announced that Thierry Mugler, who has focused solely on the fragrance game since shuttering his couture label in 2003, will be costuming her upcoming world tour in about 58 of his designs. Not only will the multi-talented Mugler wardrobe the star, he’ll also serve as a so-called “creative adviser,” directing, choreographing, and lighting three segments of the show, including the all-important finale. Talk about multi-tasking. Seems that this development works twofold–not only does it give Beyonce some serious fashion cred, it will undoubtedly revive Mugler’s involvement in fashion and make him known to the masses as well (something everyone could use in these economic times). 

I can tell you one thing for sure: I’m already ten times more likely to buy a ticket to her show, just to see the star in some Mugler action.

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