Video: See Beyoncé’s Hair Get Caught In A Fan During Her Concert

Meghan Blalock

Beyoncé may, at a glance, not seem like a person able to laugh at herself when stuff hits the fan, but she just proved (quite literally) that she really is. At her concert last night in TKTK, when she walked along the front row giving high gives to her human fans, her hair got caught in one of the many fans that always line her stage.

Handling the hairy situation like a true lady, Bey simply stops walking and covertly tries to untangle her tresses from the exhaust mechanism on the fan. And to make it a just a little bit more meta: a fan (the human kind) reached out and tried to gingerly help her, and Bey didn’t try to stop her. Aw.

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The singer then took to her Instagram account to post not only a video of the incident, but a cute parody on her song “Halo” about her hair getting caught. She’s graceful, receptive to help, and even has a sense of humor when crazy things happen while she’s performing. Is there anything Beyoncé can’t do?

Watch the clip of Bey getting caught in the fan above, and check out the clever mini-ode to her tangly mix-up below!

beyonce hair fan

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