Iconic Beyoncé Fashion Moments That Made Me Want To Trash My Entire Wardrobe

Maggie Griswold
Iconic Beyoncé Fashion Moments That Made Me Want To Trash My Entire Wardrobe
Photo: AP Images; Adobe. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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If there’s one thing we’re sure of in this life, it’s that Beyonce will look incredible in anything she wears. Even all the way back in 2005, when fashion was—to put it politely—not the absolute chicest, the superstar managed to shine through it all. And Beyoncé’s fashion and style choices continue to bless us to this day. No matter if she’s seen arriving to an event with Jay-Z, posing for cameras on the red carpet or seen out and about, there’s nothing Queen Bey doesn’t look iconic wearing.

Beyoncé has shown up at every event in her career looking like an 11 out of 10, and we’re definitely not mad about it. Since her beginnings in the early 2000s with Destiny’s Child, the star has never once disappointed—even when she’s caught wearing sweatpants by paparazzi. The woman can make anything (absolutely anything) look stunning. And while, of course, her style has changed plenty of times through the years, it’s an evolution we love getting to witness.

Whether it’s making the red carpet rounds before she went solo or showing up to the premiere of her own autobiographical film dressed to the absolute nines, we can always count on Beyoncé to make us want throw out our entire wardrobes and start fresh. The performer and mogul is perhaps the most pervasive living legend, and her fashion definitely speaks to that. Anyone who has ever spent hours watching Beyoncé music videos (a mood) or glanced at her red carpet looks will know that America does, in fact, have a queen—and her name is Beyoncé Knowles. All hail.

To honor Beyoncé and her everlasting reign, we’ve rounded up some of her most iconic looks from the early 2000s to now—so we can all be blessed by her beauty and effortlessly gorgeous sartorial choices. Everything Bey wears is worth mentioning, but we’ve chosen a few that truly explore her style evolution and fashion timeline. No need to thank us. Getting to stare at photos of Beyoncé for a few hours is worth it.


1. Her Lion King Premiere Look

STYLECASTER | Beyonce Fashion & Style

Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency/Sipa USA; Sipa via AP Images.

Is there anything more iconic that this ensemble right here? Absolutely not, which is why it had to be first on our list. When anyone says they’re dripping in luxury, this is the outfit to which they should be referring.


2. This Look That Won The 2013 Met Gala

STYLECASTER | Beyonce Fashion & Style

Riccardo Tiscis/PMC.

Every single one of Beyoncé’s Met Gala looks is incredible—and this isn’t the last one you’ll see today—but her 2013 ensemble is too good to lump in with any of the others. This is what royalty looks like, folks.


3. Every Look From Her Coachella 2018 Performances

STYLECASTER | Beyonce Fashion & Style

Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup via Mega Agency.

If we could just embed the entire Coachella 2019 Beyoncé performances here, we would—because every look from both shows is truly incredible. How does someone make a hot pink jersey, denim cut-offs and fluorescent boots work? You’d have to ask Beyoncé.


4. This Black And White Ensemble From 2014

STYLECASTER | Beyonce Fashion & Style


Look, Beyoncé with bangs is enough of a reason to point out this look, but we’re particularly inspired by how the star has perfected the art of pattern mixing. In a black and white outfit, it just seems to look so seamless. We stan.


5. Bey Celebrating Her Autobiographical Film

STYLECASTER | Beyonce Fashion & Style


When you arrive at the red carpet for the premiere of your very own autobiographical film, you better look stunning—and obviously, Beyoncé did just that back in 2013. This champagne-colored gown will truly never get old.


6. Her Sequined 2017 Grammys Gown

STYLECASTER | Beyonce Fashion & Style

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP.

Wearing a fully sequined-covered red gown while pregnant and holding two Grammy awards is a big mood. No one does it quite like Beyoncé, and she’s likely the only person who could pull this whole thing off. So. Much. Respect.


7. And Another, Totally Different Grammys Look

STYLECASTER | Beyonce Fashion & Style

NCNA via Mega Agency.

Obviously, the year 2013 was not the first year Beyoncé attended the Grammy Awards (She walked the red carpet for the first time in 2000 with Destiny’s Child!), but we just had to give a special shout out to this black and white jumpsuit. Sleek, simple, sophisticated—it’s not something one would expect to see at the Grammys, but we’re into it.


8. Bey’s 2012 Met Gala Gown

STYLECASTER | Beyonce Fashion & Style


There are truly not enough words in the dictionary to describe how gorgeous Beyoncé’s 2012 Met Gala look was. She low-key looks like a phoenix rising from the ashes—in the chicest way possible.


9. This Bustier Dress Look From 2005

STYLECASTER | Beyonce Fashion & Style

SANTIAGO BAEZ/©2005 RAMEY PHOTO via Mega Agency.

The early 2000s were a wild time, but Beyoncé handled them with grace. In 2005, she wore this yellow bustier dress and stunned us all. We don’t want to say that she predicted the comeback of the bustier top, but she definitely did, right?


10. And One More Red Carpet Look For The Road

STYLECASTER | Beyonce Fashion & Style

NCNA via Mega Agency.

Beyoncé has come close to winning an Oscar multiple times, but she (sadly) has yet to receive one. At least her red carpet looks are always fire, though! This black and gold dress from the 2009 Oscars a true winner in our books.

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