Beyoncé Just Explained Why Destiny’s Child Looked Stoned In That 2001 Interview

Kim Wong-Shing
Photo: Getty Images.

Ah, 2001. In many ways, it was a simpler time, but some questions from that era have persisted over the years—like, why did Destiny’s Child look high AF in that one interview? But Beyoncé finally explained Destiny’s Child’s 2001 high video, and it all makes sense now!

The truth came to light when Beyoncé did a Q&A with fans on Instagram for her new Elle feature. No, a fan didn’t directly ask Beyoncé if she was stoned during a press interview almost 20 years ago (though that would’ve been a very brave fan). But someone did reference the same question that Destiny’s Child was asked in the 2001 interview: If you could be any animal for a day, what would you be? At the time, Beyoncé immediately said she’d be a whale, then mused: “I love whales. I’ve loved whales since I was a little girl.” Kelly Rowland said she’d be a bird, while Michelle Williams chose a black panther. In 2018, someone uploaded the clip to Twitter and pointed out how ~under the influence~ the band looks in it. “I’m convinced Destiny’s Child smoked so many blunts before this interview,” the fan wrote. “Beyoncé’s ‘I love whales’ is iconic.” Fans unanimously agreed — the tweet has almost 300,000 likes.

In the Elle Q&A, a fan asked Beyoncé if she’d still choose to be a whale. She replied that she totally would. “I still love whales,” she said. “And I love being in the ocean.” Then, unprompted, she shut down the rumors that the band was high: “That video was after a 16-hour press day. Not marijuana!!”

While the idea of Destiny’s Child getting zooted before an interview makes for a WAY funnier story, we must admit that the 16-hour press day is a much more logical explanation. “Beyoncé” is practically synonymous with “ridiculously hard-working,” and that’s why we love her.