Beyonce Designs Clothes Fit for Day


While we’re huge fans of what Beyonce wears on and off stage, we’ve always questioned her ability to design. And Tina Knowles? We do not trust her with a needle and thread, or even sketching pencils.

Well, the mother-daughter duo has teamed up for a new collection under their line House of Deréon “intended to be worn in the bright light of day.” That’s right, no more garish evening dresses that have you hiding in the shadows.

Tina Knowles explained her inspiration for the line, “Beyoncé and I have had several occasions where we have meetings all day and don’t have time to run and change before dinner. This is a perfect collection to wear from the office to dinner because each piece can easily be dressed up or down.”

House of Deréon also includes a juniors line as well as the offshoot, Miss Tina. As for further development, “I’m really hoping we can go into accessories really soon, especially jewelry,” Knowles said. “And as for shoes, that’s completely Beyoncé’s thing. She has already said that she would handle the design of the shoes.”

We appreciate your attempt at a “sensible skirt suit,” but here’s to hoping it stops there.