People Are Calling This Dancer Beyoncé’s Doppelgänger

People Are Calling This Dancer Beyoncé’s Doppelgänger
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As one of the biggest singers in the world (and in history), it was only a matter of time until a Beyoncé doppelgänger rose to viral internet fame. Well, that moment came last night when professional dancer Oti Mabuse made audiences in the United Kingdom do a double take because of her uncanny resemblance to the 36-year-old singer.

Mabuse, a Latin American ballroom dancer from South Africa, appeared on Sunday night’s episode of “Strictly Come Dancing” (the U.K.’s equivalent of “Dancing with the Stars”) where she turned heads in a Beyoncé-esque ensemble and attitude. For one dance, Mabuse—dressed in a shimmering metallic leotard, with a cape and her curly blonde hair flowing behind her—strutted down a catwalk to Madonna’s “Vogue,” serving major sass with every step.

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And though Mabuse didn’t dance to any of the “Formation” singer’s hits, that didn’t stop the internet from deeming her Beyoncé 2.0. Some BeyHive members were so convinced of Mabuse’s resemblance that they questioned how “Strictly Come Dancing” managed to book the megastar. A few of the hilarious responses included:

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Even “Strictly Come Dancing” hinted at the phenomenon by combining Mabuse and Beyoncé’s names to form “Beyotí.” Mabuse also nodded to the resemblance an Instagram post, suggesting that she channeled Beyoncé, along with other powerful black woman like Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, and Michelle Obama, in her performance.

While Mabuse’s lookalike potential can likely be chalked up to brilliant hair, makeup, and styling, it’s pretty wild that even the biggest BeyHive members were fooled by her look—even if it was for only a split second.