Wow, This ‘Friends’ Actress Confused Beyoncé with Kim Kardashian & We Could Never

Photo: Getty Images.

Kimmy could never, we could never, the entirety of the Bey Hive could literally never make this mistake. But one former Friends actress did. Beyoncé was confused for Kim Kardashian in Lisa Kudrow’s video from a game show which she participated in on March 6. Naturally, Bey’s fans (a.k.a. everyone) are already up in arms about the awkward moment.

It all took place on the set of 25 Words or Less. The game show, hosted by Meredith Vieira of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire fame, features two teams competing on a variation of 21 questions. In this version, team members have to get their teammates to guess a list of words using—you guessed it—25 words or less. At one point in the March 6 episode, Kudrow was up next to deliver some clues about her subject, Beyoncé. But things took a turn when she confused Bey for Kim—albeit in a pretty roundabout way.

Her hint? “Kanye [West]’s wife.” Oops!

Naturally, her teammate guessed “Kim Kardashian West,” after which Kudrow realized her mistake. Still, she was pretty certain for a second that Bey was Kanye’s wife. She initially said “No!” to her teammate’s guess. Talk about awkward.

Eventually, Kudrow set the record straight: “Jay-Z,” she offered instead. Of course, the contestants made the uncomfortable connection that her subject was Beyoncé all along.

Nobody likes being mistaken for someone else, but this mixup especially stings. Not only did Kudrow flub up by swapping two black hip-hop artists with one another (Kanye and Jay-Z truly look nothing alike, to boot); she inadvertently confused Bey for Kim as a result—and we all already know that these couples have feuded for quite some time.

Kim has come under fire for “copying” Beyoncé’s looks in the past—not to mention, husbands Jay-Z and Kanye have had a longstanding beef for years. Many fans are not happy about the mistake, knowing this will only stoke the drama between each family. Yet others are more forgiving, citing Kudrow’s Friends character, Phoebe Buffay, as the real culprit here.

“Lisa Kudrow had a Phoebe moment 😂,” tweeted one fan.

While it’s not an excuse, Kudrow is prepping to reprise her role as the lovable, ditzy Phoebe for the forthcoming Friends reunion special on HBO Max. Is Kudrow a method actor? Who knows. But surely, some of Pheebs’ naivety rubbed off here!