Beyoncé Joins Channing Tatum on Lip Sync Battle, World Goes Wild

The mark of a truly great star is the ability to own the stage at events like the Super Bowl, but also have some fun with surprise appearances that pretty much shock fans and take the world’s adoration to the next level. Last night, Bey did just that by strutting out on Lip Sync Battle, which returned for a second season with Channing Tatum facing off against his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

We’d seen teasers from the episode all week—the married couple singing “Let It Go” from Frozen—but we weren’t prepared for Tatum to trot our Queen B to dance alongside him to her 2011 hit “Run the World (Girls)”

Needless to say, the crowd (and Twitter) had a conniption, although the episode ended in a tie. Yes, the crowd seemed to think Beyonce-less Jenna was worthy of the same props as her hubby. We disagree, but whatever. Watch the clip above!

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