Spotted: Beyoncé Looking Fierce in a Vinyl Burberry Trench on the Set of Her New Video

Meghan Blalock

For those of you wondering what Beyoncé’s next project will be, it seems we have an answer—and it’s in the form of a new music video. After hanging out on a Los Angeles sound set last week wearing a Louis Vuitton ski mask and her song “Bow Down” blasting in the background, Queen Bey was spotted filming on the streets of New York, which means new Bey footage of some sort is imminent. Hooray!

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This time around, instead of Vuitton, Bey rocked the vinyl oxblood Burberry trench, which (by the way) you can currently snag on the Burberry website for a mere $3,195. Normally, we;d question whether Bey was actually shooting a video, or just casually walking down the street alone at night. Then, she made this face.

At which point we concluded that she is definitely putting on her Sasha Fierce face for the cameras. (Lest we forget, she made an entire performance out of giving serious “I’m a diva” face for this year’s Super Bowl.)

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There’s no confirmed release date yet for Bey’s forthcoming album, but considering that she is secretly shooting videos and has been relatively out of the news lately, we’d venture a guess that it’s coming sooner than we might think. We suspect she’ll follow the lead of husband Jay Z and drop her album without a preliminary announcement. Blue Ivy’s birthday is January 7, so we kind of hope she celebrates the second birthday of her daughter with a new album. Don’t you?