Beyoncé Goes Base Jumping in Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedges

Meghan Blalock

Oh, Beyoncé, if we didn’t love you so much, we would probably strongly dislike you.

Not only is Queen Bey capable of looking amazing no matter how much gluttonous food she eats, carrying daughter Blue Ivy while wearing sky-high stilettos, and biking from Manhattan to Brooklyn, she has now proven she can base jump with the best of them—and look stylish in the process.

beyonce base jumping

Bey shared some photos on her blog today of her adventure base jumping, for which she deemed it perfectly appropriate to wear a pair of Isabel Marant’s now-iconic sneaker wedges. Before taking a dive off the roof of the building, she struck a pose in her Marants (and sky-diving-approved bodysuit), and her base jumping instructor was a very good sport and posed alongside her. (Honestly, we imagine having to teach Beyoncé to base jump would be pretty intimidating.)

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beyonce base jumping 2

Weeeee! Off she goes.

Of course, to put the cherry on top of this sundae of Bey-awesomeness, the Queen threw up the Roc sign on her way down—the hand sign her husband Jay Z is so known for—proving she truly has no fear in the face of impending doom. One thing’s for absolute sure—few people have ever looked this good base jumping. Ever.

Watch video of Bey making the big jump below!

beyonce base jumping 3

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