Beverly Hills Bakery Rolls Out A 24 Hour Cupcake ATM

Jessica Rubin

There is nothing worse than needing a 3 AM sugar fix (read: drunk cupcake munchies) and having nowhere to satisfy your sweet craving. Which is the exact problem that the LA bakery Sprinkles decided to remedy with their cupcake ATM. According to Nicole Schwartz, Sprinkles’ head of marketing, “the machine can hold up to 600 cupcakes, and any cake dispensed will have only been baked a couple of hours earlier.” Now that is some good customer service.

The ATM is attached to the actual bakery, which is populated by bakers until 11 pm — at which time they prepare to return to work just a few hours later. Celebs like Heidi Klum and Blake Lively are fans of Sprinkles, so expect to see a whole slew of paparazzi shots taken in the wee hours of the night by this delicious ATM.

If the idea for this cupcake machine works out, Sprinkles will take the technology to their other locations, so get ready for some hardcore snacking, kids!

(UPDATE: It looks like NYC is getting not one but THREE as well. Hooray!!!)

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