The 10 Most Ridiculous Dance Scenes From ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’

2h5ibmw The 10 Most Ridiculous Dance Scenes From Beverly Hills, 90210

Welcome to TV Week on StyleCaster! Throughout the next seven days, we’ll be bringing you compelling content about one of our favorite things in the world: Television. Look out for new shows to watch, character roundups, fun facts, personal essays, and lots more. Why? Because we’re just as obsessed as you. Next up: The 10 most ridiculous (read: amazing) dance scenes from “Beverly Hills, 90210.”  Fair warning: If you weren’t a ’90s kid, you might not get it. 

1. When pretty much everyone at West Beverly (except Brandon, duh) decides to break into the Electric Slide at the Spring Dance, set to the sounds of David Silver’s prolific rapping. Note Brandon and Andrea’s quippy banter—it’ll come up again later. 

2. When Brenda and David win a poolside dance contest in college, then the whole gang JUMPS IN THE WATER! (To be fair, Brenda was wearing a black long-sleeve shirt and heavy jeans to a pool party—we actually got sweaty just looking at her.)  

3. When Brenda decides what the Peach Pit really needed is a singing and dancing 1950s-style waitress named Laverne (pronounced “La-Voy-Nuh”), and ropes Kelly and Donna into dancing with her to “It’s My Party.” For some reason, this draws a enormous very excited crowd to the Pit. Oh look, more Andrea-Brandon commentary. 

4. The time when Kelly, Brenda, and Donna sang and danced backup for a pitchy Emily Valentine in front of the whole school to “Breakin’ Up is Hard To Do.” Why the three dancers dressed up as Robert Palmer girls and Emily didn’t, we have no idea. Note—yup—Andrea and Brandon’s banter.

5. OMG, ‘member when the Peach Pit got a karaoke machine and Jim Walsh kicked things off by awkwardly contorting to “Do Wah Diddy Diddy’ before the whole gang followed? Of course, no dance scene would be complete without more of Brandon and Andrea’s witty repartee. 

6. Let’s get serious for a sec: Here, Kelly defends her pal Steve against that nasty Chuckie, and they slow dance to a serious ’90s jam before Steve gets kicked out of school and decides to look for his birth mom in New Mexico. 

7. Who could forget the time the girls pulled Cindy Walsh into their dance circle before things got real at the Very Special Slumber Party. They were dancing to Tommy James and the Shondells’ “Mony Mony,” which again proves that the show’s musical director was really upset it was the ’90s and not the ’50 and ’60s.  

cindy walsh dancing The 10 Most Ridiculous Dance Scenes From Beverly Hills, 90210

8. When Brenda and Kelly decided to take a Cardio-Funk class and the below happened. 

9. What’s any “Beverly Hills, 90210” retrospective be without David Silver showcasing his fly skills? Yeah, the music is different (lame, YouTube uploaders), but the moves are all him.

10. Go Silver, go Silver, go go go Silver!