Gift We Love: A Cheeky ‘LOL’ Bag by Betsey Johnson

Meghan Blalock

betsey johnson lol

What:¬†A studded Betsey Johnson bag that cheekily embraces the zeitgeist with an Internet phrase we all use on a daily basis: “LOL.”

Why: Because it makes us, well, LOL and whether it’s your personal cup of style tea, you can’t deny it’s an ironic conversation starter. And in an industry that often takes itself all too seriously, it’s nice to see a little humor here and there.

How: We love the idea of wearing this on New Year’s Eve, or using it to jazz up a basic outfit this time of year. What’s ¬†better than getting people talking with nothing more than a bag?

TTYL Crossbody Bag by Betsey Johnson, $78; at Nordstrom