The Best Work Email Trick You Will Ever Learn

Jessica Hoppe

How many emails do you send a day? I don’t think I could count mine. Do you ever get confused by the Gmail format which places all recipients in one row making it difficult to decipher who exactly you have sent or forwarded to? I’ve suffered many a mild heart attack thinking I’d made a major “woopsy.”

Finally, AOL has the answer. Watch the video at the end to find out how you can magically retrieve an erroneously sent email! AMAZING.

And cross check your work with these most common email errors that could get you into hot water at work. This is no time to lose your job.

Mind Your Caps

All caps is considered “cyber shouting” according to AOL and could lead to termination. One of my bosses used to always use CAPS to emphasize frustration. It literally caused a shooting pain in my shoulders and we were usually talking blouses. Perspective people.

Personal Means Not at Work

Work is not the place to email your mom about that persistant rash or your girlfriend about the guy who never called you back after you slept with him. These things live in cyberspace forever. If it’s a private matter, pick up the phone. Emails can always be redistributed and circulated without your knowledge.

Never Be Sloppy

Just as you put yourself together in the morning likewise take time to scan your written word. Regrettably, we will too often speed through without giving a necessary once over. Always a good idea-you want to keep it clean and professional.

Save the Jokes for Face Time

It’s extremely difficult to be funny via email. Without the use of facial expression, voice inflection and gesture, a joke could very easily be misinterpreted. Save it for a face to face.

Avoid Bitch Mode

Always best to take a few deep breaths and walk away from your keyboard when frustration strikes. An email is a terrible thing to regret. It lives forever.

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