With These Wine Chillers, Every Sip Is the Perfect Temperature

Ashleigh Morley
With These Wine Chillers, Every Sip Is the Perfect Temperature
Photo: kdreams02/Adobe.

Few things taste as good as a perfectly chilled glass of wine. Too cold and it can actually lose some of its flavor. Too warm and it just isn’t as refreshing. When it comes to wine, we are perfectly happy making a Goldilocks-style fuss. And before you start to whine that reds don’t need chilling — au contraire. The ideal serving temperature for a glass of moody red is between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, which puts it a few degrees below room temperature.

It’s for this reason that the best wine chillers can be a real savior, especially in situations where you’re serving more than one glass. After that first pour, wine naturally warms or cools to room temperature (unless you’ve got a fancy wine cellar or wine fridge getup, but for the purposes of this article let’s assume that isn’t the case, mkay?). As we’ve previously established, that’s just not optimal sipping temperature for any varietal. And if you’ve ever tried adding ice cubes to your favorite glass of white wine, we don’t need to tell you how that turns out. The best part about these wine chillers? Your drink won’t be watered down — and we’ll cheers to that.

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1. Modern Innovations Wine Chiller

This wine chiller might not have any special bells or whistles like some of the other options on this list, but it more than gets the job done. It’s a traditional wine chiller, made out of solid, crystalline limestone. This chiller will stay cold, while also looking cool. Marble is a trendy texture, so it’ll elevate your at-home happy hours. Plus, when it isn’t in use, you can use it as a flower vase.

Modern Innovations Wine Chiller

Courtesy of Modern Innovations.

2. VINENCO Wine Chiller Set

This unique wine chiller works differently than most — chiefly because the chilling agent actually sits inside the bottle of wine, rather than the other way around. The two-part chilling system includes a stainless-steel cooling rod that you can easily store in your freezer until it’s ready for use. Then, once you’ve opened your bottle and served your first drink, use the rod and pourer to keep your wine chilled for two hours. You can even use this chiller on your favorite bottle of red wine to keep it at the optimal serving temperature (a few degrees below room temperature). And as an added bonus, the pouring spout doubles as an aerator to let the wine breathe as it leaves the bottle.

best wine chillers vinenco

Image: Vinenco.

3. Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage & Wine Chiller

It can be hard to justify a purchase when it has just one use — even if the product in question does that one thing very, very well. This wine chiller was built for all manner of beverage chilling, including cans (it can also be used as a bottle warmer if you have an entirely different kind of bottle in your house). This electric machine has the impressive distinction of being able to chill cans in one minute and bottles in six minutes. It does so by rotating the can or bottle and spraying it with ice water. The touchpad allows you to pre-set times and has a extra-chill setting as well as an “add ice” indicator light.

best wine chillers cooper

Image: Cooper Cooler.