12 Waterproof Bags to Save You from Rainy Days

With eccentric springtime weather imminent—oh, those unexpected showers—an accessory that has saved me countless times is a waterproof bag. And while the idea of “waterproof” anything usually hints at blah materials like unflattering tarp or plastic, many brands are now reimagining PVC, polyvinyl, or double-coated nylon in more stylish and practical ways.

Still not convinced? Before you naysay these (mostly) transparent wonders, take a gander at the selection of 12 all-weather bags above that will remain chic no matter the forecast. You’ll swear by these water-combatant purses, clutches, weekenders, and backpacks that promise to keep your essentials completely dry through every torrential downpour. Now, if you can only find an umbrella that actually holds up….